What's at risk?

  • Health Minister Greg Hunt has cut health insurance rebates for natural therapies.
  • The Turnbull Government is considering banning natural medicines from sale in pharmacies.
  • Educational courses are being shut down and practitioners unable to access ingredients.
  • And, the Therapeutic Goods Administration is pushing to de-regulate natural medicine products, putting your safety at risk.


Behind all of these drastic cuts and proposed changes are Government-funded reports that declare there is NO evidence that 17 natural therapies from yoga to naturopathy are effective. The Government is using the reports to justify restricting your choice in healthcare.

  • We want to know why the Government is ignoring world-wide, positive scientific evidence.
  • We want a Senate Inquiry to scrutinise these reports starting with the very first report that is now the subject of a complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.
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Take a few seconds and call for a Senate Inquiry to scrutinise bias against natural therapies and why Government-funded reports have ignored positive evidence. Sign the petition and a letter will also be sent on your behalf to your local MP to show your support.


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Senate Petition can be viewed here. We’ll keep you updated about the campaign. For information please see our privacy policy.

As featured on 7 News

A report before the Federal Health Department could see common natural and homeopathic medicines stripped from pharmacy shelves, Australian’s believe they should have the right to choose.

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