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The following media release was issued by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care on Wednesday 27 April 2022: New standard to avoid long-term harm from opioid analgesics A new standard of care will help thousands of […]

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ATTENTION NSW HEALTH PRACTITIONERS: The NSW Government released a consultation to revise the ‘Codes of conduct for non-registered health practitioners and certain health organisations‘. NSW Health seeks public feedback on the draft Code of Conduct to ensure it is appropriate […]

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Shingles (herpes zoster or HZ) is a viral infection caused by the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), which is also responsible for chickenpox (varicella) that usually occurs during childhood. After recovery from chickenpox, the virus remains dormant within the dorsal root […]

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7 years ago i took my son with cerebral palsy to see a naturopath, he was born 3.5 months early and had a very challenging start to life. The doctors did not talk about the issues involved with spending the […]

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Below is a letter sent in mid-November 2021 to the Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt, from Your Health Your Choice requesting that private health funds again be allowed to offer rebates for natural therapies. The Department of Health replied […]

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Are you one of the 2 in 3 people that use traditional medicine and natural therapies to complement your health needs?

Add your voice to the growing community of people that wish to protect their right to access these therapies. Let’s send Government a clear message.


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