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The increasing prevalence of diabetes represents a significant disease burden in Australia. In 2018, over one million Australian adults were living with this diagnosis. On a positive note, there is growing evidence that certain nutritional guidelines used in an integrative […]

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NAIDOC Week is an opportunity to celebrate not only Indigenous achievement but the history, rich culture, and survival of the oldest continuing living culture on the planet. Bush medicine has been integral to Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders culturally […]

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Essential oils are used by many for a wide range of reasons from health and beauty to home care and more. With so many oils to choose from, each with their own unique aroma and qualities, it can be difficult […]

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More than just a skin disease, psoriasis is an autoimmune inflammatory condition where skin cells grow and multiply too quickly which results in a build-up of rough, dry, dead skin cells. The immune system sends out faulty signals to speed […]

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Mental health problems have been skyrocketing in the last few years and even more so in the last 6 months of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Many of you dear readers, will be able to relate to this statement. Thankfully, due […]

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Are you one of the 2 in 3 people that use traditional medicine and natural therapies to complement your health needs?

Add your voice to the growing community of people that wish to protect their right to access these therapies. Let’s send Government a clear message.


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