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Human health and the environment The interrelationships between global communities and the natural environment and the importance of environmental health to human health are widely acknowledged, but not always prioritised. Indigenous cultures have been reliant on traditional plant medicine for […]

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This article chronicles the untold story of the start of the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) focus on natural therapies from 2010. It provides a fascinating insight into what happens when science, bureaucracy and ideology converge. The events […]

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Would you like the right to buy high quality, low-cost cannabidiol (‘CBD’) over-the-counter without a prescription? You have until this Friday 22 May 2020 to respond. We have made it easy for you to have your say.  The TGA is asking the […]

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As a global community, we are navigating tough times of uncertainty, economic fallout, loss of personal freedoms, and isolation during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, people may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious and overwhelmed. Some groups may be […]

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Herbs and Cytokine Storm Risk Concerns have been raised that certain herbs acting on the immune system might deleteriously enhance the cytokine response during acute respiratory viral infections. These concerns are not supported by a detailed analysis of the published […]

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Are you one of the 2 in 3 people that use traditional medicine and natural therapies to complement your health needs?

Add your voice to the growing community of people that wish to protect their right to access these therapies. Let’s send Government a clear message.


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