WEBINAR RECORDING: Intermittent fasting – Why fasting isn’t a dirty word


In this webinar, Sports Nutritionist Steph Lowe, joins us to discuss intermittent fasting, the common protocols and the impacts of fasting on your health.



Intermittent fasting has become the latest craze with many reported health benefits including reduced inflammation and brain fog to increased energy and improved moods. Yet many doctors have expressed their concerns labelling it a “dangerous” diet.

In her webinar, Steph Lowe, a Sports Nutritionist, triathlete and founder of The Natural Nutritionist discusses:

• The impact of intermittent fasting on your health
• Is it dangerous?
• What you should expect when fasting
• Safe fasting techniques with maximum benefit
• Common fasting protocols including the popular 16:8.
• Why fasting is not a fad diet

All funds raised will support Your Health Your Choice – Australia’s largest consumer campaign protecting right of choice in healthcare. A recording will be available for those that cannot attend on the day.

Additional information

About Steph Lowe:

Steph Lowe is a Sports Nutritionist, yogi and founder of The Natural Nutritionist, a hub for celebrating the importance of real food, and author of The Real Food Athlete.
With a passion for spreading a positive message about real food and the incredible affect it has on performance, Steph launched The Natural Nutritionist in 2011 and is on a mission to inspire others to make health a priority in their lives.
Steph’s extensive nutritional experience spans from elite athletes, to schools, and corporations, where she has educated people about real food for productivity and performance in the workplace.
Along with self-publishing her first book, The Real Food Athlete, and running The Natural Nutritionist, Steph is also the resident Nutritionist for Melrose Health and is launching a 12-week online program, LCHF Endurance, in 2018.
To book a consultation with Steph or to find out more about The Natural Nutritionist, visit http://www.thenaturalnutritionist.com.au.

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