WEBINAR RECORDING: Reclaim your health – Understanding the common root cause of all illness


What if all illness had a common root cause? Researcher Dr Peter Dingle joins us to discuss simple solutions that may assist in overcoming all types of illness.



What if all illness had a common root cause? In a society with ballooning rates of chronic illness including diabetes, asthma, dementia, autoimmune and cardiovascular disease, many seek answers to assist in their recovery. Could a simple solution really exist to help overcome illness irrespective of the condition?

In this webinar recording, best-selling author and researcher Dr Peter Dingle reveals the common root cause of all disease: inflammation, oxidation and acidosis. Dr Dingle explains what causes these conditions and what you can do to reclaim your health.

All funds raised will support Your Health Your Choice – Australia’s largest consumer campaign protecting right of choice in healthcare. A recording will be available for those that cannot attend on the day.

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About Dr. Dingle:

Dr Dingle has spent the past twenty five years as a researcher, educator and communicator. He has a Bachelor of Education in Science, a Bachelor of Environmental Science with first class Honours and a PhD (1994). He was an Associate Professor and leading researcher in health and the environment at Murdoch University. Dr Dingle has more than 100 scientifically reviewed papers, 10 books including “A supplement a day keeps the doctor away, The great cholesterol deception and Take control and realise your potential. He conducts ongoing research into diet and nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental impacts on health, wellbeing and productivity.

Dr Dingle has appeared on TV and radio for the last 20 years as an expert in Environmental and health issues and recently presented in the award winning TV series shown on SBS and now around the world, called “Is your home killing you”. For more info on Dr. Dingle, please visit http://www.drdingle.com.au

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