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What is homeopathy? And why is there so much controversy around it? And is bias influencing research in Australia? US filmmaker Laurel Chiten’s new film, Just One Drop, explores homeopathy talking to patients, scientists and skeptics from around the world, […]

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Australia’s most famous “Babymaker” and natural therapist, Ruth Sharkey, has come out of retirement to support Your Health Your Choice. Now in her 70s, Ruth has spent more than 30 years fighting Government and decision makers to protect freedom of […]

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As Australians fight for their right of choice, in Switzerland the Federal Government has declared complementary medicine including homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine mandatory health insurance services, acknowledging they meet statutory regulations for ‘effectiveness, guaranteeing high quality and safety’. […]

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Sign the petition to call for a Senate Inquiry into bias against natural therapies and why Government-funded reports have ignored positive evidence.


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