24 July, 2017

JUST ONE DROP documentary on homeopathy opens in Australia

What is homeopathy? And why is there so much controversy around it? And is bias influencing research in Australia?

US filmmaker Laurel Chiten’s new film, Just One Drop, explores homeopathy talking to patients, scientists and skeptics from around the world, including Australia.

It’s the fifth provocative film from Chiten who also produced the 1994 documentary on Tourette Syndrome, Twist and Shout, which won her an Emmy-nomination.

Chiten said she made Just One Drop to try to get to the truth behind “all the negative press” and educate audiences about what is one of the world’s oldest forms of medicine.

“Anyone who has a chronic illness, mothers with young children, those with elderly parents, and people prescribed numerous pharmaceuticals, will be interested in seeing this film,” she said.

One million Australians use homeopathy to help manage chronic disease and common medical conditions including hay fever, eczema, cough and stress. Homeopathy uses small doses of substances to trigger the body to heal.

Two segments of the hour long film are dedicated to Australian research and reveal evidence and claims of bias over a 2015 report by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). The same evidence revealed in the film, and gathered through Freedom of Information, is included in an official complaint that is before the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

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