28 August, 2017

Top lawyer Dr Teresa Nicoletti supports Your Health Your Choice

A scientist, top lawyer and partner at a major legal firm has revealed she holds serious concerns about Government bias against complementary medicine in Australia. Dr Teresa Nicoletti from Mills Oakley is supporting Your Health Your Choice, and believes that consumer rights are at risk in our country.

At a recent premier of Just One Drop, Dr Nicoletti offered her expertise about a NHMRC Review that labelled homeopathy ineffective:

“I have looked at the material objectively, as an administrative lawyer, and I certainly have some serious concerns about the conflicts of interest and apprehensions of bias associated with the Review,” Dr Nicoletti said.

Speaking with more than 20 years legal experience, Dr Nicoletti believes consumers’ rights to choose natural therapies could be under threat in Australia:

“If this Review is upheld it could mean that a lot of pharmacies and other retailers who supply these medicines – will cease supply on the basis of that report.”

“Now what that means to consumers is that they will no longer be able to choose to use these medicines – because they will no longer be available,” Dr Nicoletti said.

Dr Nicoletti has urged consumers to join the Your Health Your Choice campaign, calling upon the 17 million Australians who regularly use complementary medicine:

“I think it’s extremely important for consumers to be able to voice their right to choose whatever medicine they deem is appropriate for them and their family.”

“I use complementary medicines, I use vitamins and minerals, I use herbal products all the time,” Dr Nicoletti added. “Now if that was to be taken away from me – I would feel that my fundamental right to choose has been unfairly removed.”

The NHMRC review into homeopathy is under dispute – with a complaint currently before the Commonwealth Ombudsman alleging bias along with procedural and scientific misconduct.

Your Health Your Choice will update you on the Ombudsman complaint as news unfolds.

For more information and updates from Your Health Your Choice, follow the dedicated Facebook page.

To get involved with the campaign, sign our petition calling for a Senate Inquiry to investigate perceived bias against complementary medicine in Australia.

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