23 October, 2017

Your Stories: Managing anxiety without nasty side effects

“After learning about all the side effects of my prescribed anti-depressant, I went to a Naturopath hoping there was some other alternative.”

I suffer from high levels of anxiety, so I went to my GP and filled in a mental health check and plan. My results came back as moderately depressed, severely anxious, and extremely severe stress.

I was prescribed Paroxetine 20mg and was told there would be some side effects:

  • – Agitation
  • – Chest congestion
  • – Chest pain
  • – Chills
  • – Cold sweats
  • – Confusion
  • – Difficulty with breathing
  • – Dizziness
  • – Faintness, light-headedness when getting up from a lying or sitting position fast
  • – Pounding, irregular heartbeat or pulse, muscle pain or weakness, and skin rash

Those were just the common ones. The less common ones scared the life out of me!

My stress presents physically as well as mentally, so the last thing I wanted was more strange side effects.

I went to a Naturopath hoping there was some other alternative.

I was given two natural “medications”, calm x and neuro lift. Basically, a concoction of magnesium, St. John’s wart, and all the B vitamins.

After about 2 weeks I saw major improvements. I didn’t have heart palpitations, dizziness, racing thoughts, fatigue, or foggy brain. It all started to lift.

I will always choose the natural route if I can and will fight to ensure this is my right!

Skye, VIC


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