17 August, 2017

Your health is your choice, says renowned filmmaker Laurel Chiten

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Laurel Chiten has given her full support to the Your Health Your Choice campaign.

Ms Chiten’s latest documentary, Just One Drop, is currently screening around Australia to sell-out crowds. The film examines bias against complementary medicine and in particular, homeopathy and an NHMRC Review that’s threatening the future of natural therapies.

For Ms Chiten, the right to access homeopathy and complementary medicine is a matter of consumer choice.

“It’s a film about homeopathy, but it’s really much bigger than homeopathy. It’s about your health, your choice,” Ms Chiten told Australian cinemagoers.

“Do I support the campaign Your Health Your Choice? I completely suppport that campaign. For me the film is really about freedom of choice,” Ms Chiten added.

In just one month, over 11 500 people have signed a petition calling for a Senate Inquiry to investigate bias against complementary medicine in Australia.

Thousands of letters have been sent to Federal MPs, and a dedicated Facebook page has over 7 500 followers – with supporters from Europe, Britian, Asia and America.

Supporters of the Your Health Your Choice campaign have been encouraged to get involved with Just One Drop, by attending cinema sessions or hosting screenings in their local communities.

For more information and the latest updates from Your Health Your Choice, follow the campaign online and be sure to share with family and friends.

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