8 August, 2019

Your stories: “The care of my brilliant Naturopath and her team has been life changing for me”

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I have been unwell for a number of years and have liver damage that just wasn’t getting any better. I would wake each day with terrible nausea that just wouldn’t go away. I become so disheartened going for test after test to find they were no closer to giving me an explanation as to why my health was declining. I continued to travel down the path of allopathic medicine getting no answers apart from ‘we really can’t help you so here is an anti depressant so you feel better’.

I then decided to explore the benefits of natural medicine which still incorporates a mix of both approaches. I have to say that the impact that natural therapies under the care of my brilliant Naturopath and her team has been life changing for me. My symptoms are now under control and I can face each day with a new outlook as I simply don’t feel sick anymore. The care and support I have received from my Naturopath and her team has been nothing short of remarkable- when I felt like giving up and surrendering they came in and supported my journey back to health. My Naturopath has just been incredible – she was the first practitioner to actually stop and listen to me and then work with me to find a solution. For me that was the first step to actually be heard and not dismissed. Angela, my Naturopath, works with my GP to find the best health care for me – I honestly do not know what I would have done without her expertise and care.

Seeking Natural Medicine was an obvious next step for me, I am heard, listened to, understood and empowered every appointment I have with Angela.

She offers so many services for me that is helping me day by day get my health back. I got to choose Angela and I will continue to choose her and her team as my health is improving, something the doctors just couldn’t do for me.

I will not have that choice taken away by ANYONE! Why change something that is working so well? It is my decision what I choose to do with my health and I choose Angela and her team in Melbourne, every time!

Kelly, NSW

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