11 July, 2019

Your stories: How hypnotherapy helped me overcome many adversities in my own life

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I became a hypnotherapist in 2016, as hypnotherapy helped me overcome many adversities in my own life, and I wanted to be able to provide these incredible benefits to others. In 2010 I drank, I smoked, and I was overweight at 110 kilos. I was an epileptic and suffered very badly from depression even though I was on anticonvulsants and antidepressants, I was still having seizures and was still very depressed.

I had a weight reduction operation that same year, thinking that the reason I was depressed was because I was obese. This however was not the case. My depression only got worse.

In 2014 I hit rock bottom. After this event, I decided that I needed to take ownership of my life. With the careful help and monitoring by my GP and naturopath I came off all of the medication, slowly, over a 9-month period.

While I was moving in the right direction, I was still depressed. A good friend suggested that I try hypnotherapy, and I was open to giving it a go. The experience was amazing – it changed my life. 

Hypnotherapy gave me the tools and skills I needed so that I could release all the negative chatter going around in my head. For me the change was so profound that I knew I needed to share this with others.

Alison – NSW

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