12 September, 2017

Your Stories: Grandmother tells why 3 generations use natural therapies

“Please let people have a choice to decide the method of healing their own bodies”

“I am 64 years old female extremely healthy, no prescription drugs and my only visit to doctors was for a prolapse, my husband is 66 and very healthy also.

When I was 27 and had my second daughter she had a hearing problem from the age of 2. Many trips to the doctors and 3 procedures for grommets in the ears and the removal of her adenoids that didn’t fix the problem and faced with grommets until she was 14 years old I turned to alternative medicine for help.

She had chiropractic treatment and homeopathy and her ears improved and so did her health. Watching her thrive I decided to follow and took the rest of the family with me on the alternate journey.

My daughter is now 39 years old and the only thing that is wrong with her ears is the scarring left from the grommets.

Both my daughters have followed the alternative route for health, both have three healthy and well-adjusted children each. All are extremely healthy and doctor’s visits are rare.

Our complete family for almost 40 years have benefited health wise by letting the body heal itself naturally without the use of synthetic drugs or operations.

Please let people have a choice to decide the method of healing their own bodies and seeking a more natural method of letting the body heal itself and them deciding when it is necessary for modern medicine to take over.”

Denise, NSW

Denise and her husband Frank



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