30 November, 2017

Your Stories: Choice is essential when it comes to my family’s health

“I would never try just one thing to help a condition.”

I have used homeopathy and other natural therapies since my children were small and the more I use them, the more I would choose them over other therapies.

I mainly use natural therapies for everyday ailments, as they are the best things for viral infections and colds and flu.

For more chronic conditions I tend to use something allopathic to complement homeopathy and herbal medicines.

I believe everything works best when used together. I would never try just one thing to help a condition, as you never know what will work best at that time for that particular thing.

I’m sensible when it comes to my families health. If I feel that I, or a member of my family, has something else wrong with them that would need further tests I do it.

In fact, I do just that on the onset of a condition. I get all the relevant tests and advice from medical practitioners to use in conjunction with the natural therapies of my choice.

Then, when I know and understand the illness or disease I decide which therapy I want to use.

The benefit of homeopathy is that it is so gentle with no side effects and is brilliant to use – the wrong remedy simply has no effect. Unsurprisingly, there are no manufactured medicines that can do this.

It has been incredibly efficacious on my children and myself. Occasionally results might take some patience to achieve, but I have never been disappointed.

Marie, NSW.

Marie -photo

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