2 May, 2018

World’s scientists hold summit into natural medicine

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A GLOBAL congress on natural medicine and therapies is underway with 178 scientists from 30 countries and representatives of the World Health Organisation.

As Australian authorities argue there is no reliable evidence that natural therapies are effective, countries such as Turkey – which is hosting the Congress – have introduced landmark reform to adopt complementary medicine as part of the healthcare system.

In 2012 – the same year that Australia began a review that ignored positive evidence the Turkish Health Ministry introduced a department dedicated to traditional and complementary medicine.

Turkey’s First Lady, Emine Erdogan, is now honorary president of the 2018 International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress.

She said the Congress aimed to establish international collaboration in the development of traditional and complementary medicine.

The Congress will discuss topics including case studies studies, use of herbal products for medical purposes, acupuncture, homeopathy, and ethics and legal perspective of traditional medicine.

“It will both put exploitation of the field under the spotlight and improve the scientific foundation of the field,” she said.

The Congress is a four day event.

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