19 December, 2017

USA announcement – A wake up call for Australia

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BREAKING NEWS: America’s medicines watchdog, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will improve quality control for homeopathic products under a new plan to better protect public safety while Australian authorities are moving to do the exact opposite.

The FDA announcement comes as Australia’s medicines watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, wants to walk away from its responsibility for quality and safety control putting public safety at risk.

Your Health Your Choice spokeswoman Petrina Reichman said the TGA’s plans would open the Australian market to unregulated and poor, quality products of unknown safety.
“America has seen the error of its ways.”
“It’s 30 years since the FDA did what Australia is planning to do and that’s walk away from regulating homeopathic products and that is not what we want”.

“America’s FDA is reversing the bad decision it made that opened the public up to risk from products that didn’t meet safety standards. We say it has to be a wake up call to Australia’s TGA.”

The TGA is currently proposing changes targeting homeopathics, flower essences, essential oils and tissue salts.

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