4 September, 2018

Share Your Story: I have been teaching Pilates based exercise rehab for the last 20 years

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“I have been teaching Pilates based exercise rehab as my main treatment modality for the last 20 years. Many many people have benefitted from this therapy that is tailored for each individual.. not group gym pilates classes.

I find it unfair that my clients will not be able to claim through my experienced Pilates instructors association provider numbers soon.

The Pilates instructors I work along side in my practice every day, are extremely talented in their work, giving 100’s of our clients pain relief, movement rehab and psychological support through injury and chronic condition pathology. They deserve more respect for their evidence based work and care.

This goes for experienced yoga therapy instructors too. Health funds blanket red mark through many beneficial natural therapy and movement therapy modalities is unfair and short sighted.

Health fund businesses need to consult more thoroughly with peak health modality associations to give a more balanced fair approach to deciding who will receive benefits.”

Suzie, NSW

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