2 November, 2017

Politicians roadblock your protest!

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The PM and the Environment Minister have shut down their direct emails

When you sign the Your Health Your Choice campaign we send a letter to your local member of Parliament on your behalf.

However, recently we’ve had concerns coming from people in the electorates of WentworthNSW and Kooyong, VIC claiming their emails aren’t getting through to the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and the Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg.


This means that Your Health Your Choice is now unable to directly email them on your behalf.

Are they dodging your protest against the rebate cuts?

If you live in either of their electorates the only way to contact them now is by filling out a form on their official “contact page”.

So, what can you do?

Here are the links to their contact pages:

Download the Senate Petition from the Your Health Your Choice website (you’ll find it here) then fill out the contact form for your politician and attach the petition document.

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