29 October, 2018

Your stories: natural medicine helped my son’s eczema

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“When our baby suffered with severe eczema at two months old it was distressing as a first time mother. I tried everything and was not able to help him. When you are told to basically deal with it or use steroid medication that was strong for a new born, I started to look for other solutions. It was then that I found a homeopath in Gisborne.

I literally drove two hours round trip to see him. Although at the time I couldn’t understand what it would do exactly, what I understood from the first meeting was we needed to treat the cause of the eczema not the symptoms. I then followed what he told me to do which was a combination of what he gave me and really looking at the foods I was consuming (due to me breast feeding my son).

I am very pleased to say that I noticed a change in his skin and he started to become less distressed by it all within a couple of weeks.

Today he is 9 years old and no signs of eczema at all. I am so grateful I never had to use strong creams and was able to work from the inside out versus the outside in. I know everyone is different and has different views, but this was my real experience. It was also obvious to all our close friends and family as they had seen how bad he was to begin with. I use arnica regularly for my kids when they have sporting injuries and bruising as find it works wonders. Again I am educated and wouldn’t use something if I saw no benefit to using it.”

Sam, Victoria.

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