2 May, 2019

My story: How I found peace in Yoga

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On 3 July 2016 my life and my family’s life changed forever when my Dad took his own life.

I had completed my yoga teacher training one month prior to Dad’s unchangeable decision and all of that training was quickly put in to practice. Being on my mat bought me back to presence, to my body and allowed me the escape the inescapable, the non-stop analysing of my mind as it tried to make sense of what had happened with ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’ and ‘if onlys’ (a one way to ticket to hell!). I was able to take the practice of presence with me off my mat into my daily life, to embrace the yogic philosophies around impermanence to keep my peace of mind during the darkest days.

“Yoga had taught me that the emotion would pass, that it was not permanent and that the only thing that exists is the present moment, one in which Dad was no longer and in that I was able to find more acceptance, an understanding that living in the past, with regrets and with sorrow would not serve me.”

Aside from the physical and philosophical disciplines that assisted me, I was also supported and held by the yoga community I have formed. They held in so many ways, holding space whilst at times I released emotionally in a class as I moved the trauma of what had happened from my muscle memory, to sharing tea after classes and just being there in a way no other community in my life was.

This is just one life event that yoga has had a profound impact on for me, when it came into my life it literally changed my course and direction. I found peace where none had ever been so much so that I now teach so that I may help others on their journey.

Kerryelle – NSW

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