13 October, 2017

Media Alert: Outrage as government strips the value from private health insurance

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YOGA Australia and other natural therapy groups are outraged after the Federal Government announced today it will scrap private health insurance rebates for yoga and other natural therapies.

Around 14 million Australians use some form of complementary medicine.

Natural therapy groups warn Australia’s health care system will pay a hefty price for these short-sighted rebate cuts.
More than 25,000 people are supporting a new healthcare campaign to fight the Government and try to protect natural therapies.

Your Health Your Choice spokeswoman Petrina Reichman said Australians expect yoga, pilates, naturopathy, reflexology, homeopathy and other natural therapies to be covered.

“This move takes away people’s choice and strips the value from private health insurance policies,” she said.

Ms Reichman said the millions of Australians who claim rebates for natural therapies will now feel robbed.

Yoga Australia President Leanne Davis fears without private health insurance cover many will no longer be able to afford yoga and other therapies they have come to rely on to maintain their health.

She said many doctors refer patients to yoga practitioners to manage a wide range of health conditions.

Currently private health insurance covers an average of $30 per appointment for a range of natural therapies.

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