28 November, 2017

Irish doctors find complementary medicine effective

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DOCTORS who took part in a Government-funded study in Northern Ireland are backing the use of complementary medicines, including homeopathy.

Results from the six month study show GPs reporting 80 percent of their patients who received complementary medicines and therapies had improved.

The overwhelmingly positive results prompted the GPs to state they would be willing to recommend or refer 99 percent of their patients for complementary medicines and therapies.

The study was commissioned by the Northern Ireland Department of Health to explore the potential of integrating homeopathy and a range of complementary medicines and therapies in to primary care services.

Almost two in three patients had shown signs of improvement and patients who were receiving complementary medicines and therapies were being seen less frequently.

80 percent of patients recorded an improvement in the severity of their main complaint and 73 percent reported improvement in general wellbeing and level of activity.

Pilot study in Northern Ireland

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