29 January, 2018

Former registered nurse and now experienced natural medicine practitioner takes out first prize

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Your Health Your Choice wants to thank everyone who bought a ticket in the campaign’s Christmas raffle. We caught up with our winners to hear why they believe it’s so important to support Your Health Your Choice.

First Prize winner, Rosalind Hayes – Janet Boddy Painting

Rosalind Hayes is a former registered nurse and homeopath. She believes people have the right to choose their own healthcare.”

“As a complementary health professional, I know taking away insurance rebates will cut our access to these natural health services,” she said.

Rosalind has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector – both as a registered nurse and now as a qualified acupuncturist, homeopath, and practitioner of Chinese medicine.

“I was introduced to homeopathy while volunteering at a medical clinic in India. During my breaks I spent time with the only English-speaking doctor, who was also a homeopath. The more I read and observed of his work, the more I was amazed at the results.”

Her experience led both her and her husband (Roy) to study homeopathy and they regularly returned to India to study with the doctor.

“My husband and I are now qualified homeopaths, acupuncturists, and practitioners of Chinese Medicine.”

Second Prize, Karin Schuett – Thermomix

Karin Schuett says she bought her ticket to support the Your Health Your Choice campaign because Australians deserve the right of choice

“I started studying homeopathy because I wanted to treat depression naturally without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.”

Karin uses complementary medicines to manage a range of ailments and doesn’t want to see freedom of choice “eroded by the Government or insurance companies.”

Karin Schuett

Third Prize, Sarinah Golden – Aromatherapy kit

Sarinah Golden is a member of one of Australia’s prominent homeopathic families. She is the daughter of Dr Isaac Golden, the founder of The Health Party Australia.

Her sister, Leiah is also a homeopath and remedial masseuse who was part of the last cohort able to study homeopathy at Endeavour College.

“It’s difficult to watch education courses disappear,” says Leiah.

For her (and the Golden family) supporting Your Health Your Choice means fighting to keep the complementary healthcare sector alive.

Sarinah and Leiah Golden


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