14 November, 2017


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Essential oils like Lavender, Tea Tree, and Peppermint are commonly used by families across the country, but now AROMATHERAPY in Australia is under ATTACK.

In an ongoing campaign targeting natural medicines, The Therapeutic Goods Administration has put essential oils on its hit list.

The TGA – the drugs and medicines watchdog – wants essential oils declared ‘non-therapeutic goods’ which means therapeutic claims can no longer be made.

Aromatherapy products being targeted include essential oils that Australians use to help manage sleep, stress, skin problems, coughs and colds, digestive conditions, and other common health problems.

Why? The TGA has not provided any reason nor has it conducted any assessment on the impact on consumers and business. Millions of Australians use essential oils and earlier this year a UK Pediatric study found essential oils, particularly Lavender oil was effective in soothing infants in neonatal intensive care units.

In fact, the therapeutic use of essential oils dates back at least 6000 years to Egypt, China, and India.

In Australia though January 1, 2018 is D-DAY for aromatherapy as well as products such as tissue salts, flower essences, and Rescue Remedy if the TGA goes ahead with its proposed changes.

Your Health Your Choice is fighting to protect consumer choice!

YHYC spokesman Petrina Reichman said: “This is yet another move by the Department of Health and TGA to restrict your right of choice – it’s a nanny state gone mad and the bias against natural medicine has to stop,” she said.

“This overreach signifies total disregard for Australians who use these popular household products and harms Australian businesses without any valid reason given. It’s bad for consumers and bad for business,” Ms. Reichman said.

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