7 January, 2019

“I have used Kinesiology for over 15 years to alleviate stress and emotional upsets”

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“I have used Kinesiology for over 15 years to alleviate stress and emotional upsets. I have also had improvements in physical pain, at both muscular/skeletal and organ levels (for heart palpitations). At one time I felt quite twisted after the birth of my sons and after Kinesiology balancing, I felt straighter and more centred and physically able again. 

I have used Kinesiology for my sons too. My son’s eyesight was affected by an accident, the school nurse explained Alex had reduced vision in that eye, he needed to see a specialist. I took Alex for about three Kinesiology session working on vision/eyesight and when we saw the specialist there were no detectable issues with his vision. Alex also had major improvements in speech issues helping him to move through a host of difficulties very quickly with the Speech Therapist. The 4yo kindy staff noted how quickly Alex came good. 

I have also used Naturopathy for improved physical wellbeing. My weight dropped from 85kg down to 65kg and I felt great. The use of good quality herbal combinations and nutrients made a huge difference. Fish oil being one main contender. 

When I did Pilates I felt strong and capable. My posture improved and my activity levels increased due to free movement.”

–  Margot, WA

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