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When I was about 19 I could never understand why I didn’t want to do things like play tennis. Now I understand that because of having the MTHFR C677T homozygous gene mutation the methylation occurring in my guts only supported […]

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Part one of this series looked at the rising incidence of dementia in Australia (including Alzheimer’s), which is the biggest killer of women and the second biggest killer of men. By 2050, the number of people with dementia is set […]

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The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)* has warned that only three private health insurers (PHIs) will be financially viable within two years if the Government and industry do not take urgent action to break out of its “death spiral”. In […]

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Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event, which people often receive with feelings of shock, fear and confusion. The next step is working out what treatment options exist, which can generate further confusion and anxiety about what treatments to […]

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With 362 deaths and over 17,387 cases of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) spreading out from Wuhan, China, health authorities are scrambling for a cure. China’s National Health Commission has advised hospitals to use a range of treatments – including traditional […]

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Are you one of the 2 in 3 people that use traditional medicine and natural therapies to complement your health needs?

Add your voice to the growing community of people that wish to protect their right to access these therapies. Let’s send Government a clear message.


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