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Averaging one new signature every five minutes, Your Health Your Choice is gaining traction and the Federal Government has been forced to take notice. When this campaign began just six weeks ago, our primary goal was to create a united […]

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A scientist, top lawyer and partner at a major legal firm has revealed she holds serious concerns about Government bias against complementary medicine in Australia. Dr Teresa Nicoletti from Mills Oakley is supporting Your Health Your Choice, and believes that […]

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Which Australian agencies receive the most government funding? The latest OECD figures have highlighted that Australia spends comparatively little to fund scientific research and development. In fact, as a percentage of our Gross Domestic Product, the government only spends 0.4% GDP on […]

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American researchers have presented findings that suggest regular yoga practice can lessen symptoms of depression. According to studies presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, people living with depression could use yoga as a means of […]

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Emmy-nominated filmmaker Laurel Chiten has given her full support to the Your Health Your Choice campaign. Ms Chiten’s latest documentary, Just One Drop, is currently screening around Australia to sell-out crowds. The film examines bias against complementary medicine and in […]

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Sign the petition to call for a Senate Inquiry into bias against natural therapies and why Government-funded reports have ignored positive evidence.


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Senate Petition can be viewed here. We’ll keep you updated about the campaign. For information please see our privacy policy.